Rails 7.0.4 fails to build or run

I am new to both Render and Rails. I followed a youtube guide on how to get a Rails app setup to run on Render.

The app itself is pretty much only what Rails gives me out of the box (to ensure that nothing that I have written code wise is an issue)

I created my render.yaml and that seems to be working find and the app runs locally when I run rails s I push to github and then render runs a build and I get the following

Dec 29 04:54:44 PM  Bundle complete! 6 Gemfile dependencies, 49 gems now installed.
Dec 29 04:54:44 PM  Gems in the groups 'development' and 'test' were not installed.
Dec 29 04:54:44 PM  Bundled gems are installed into `/opt/render/project/.gems`
Dec 29 04:54:47 PM  rails aborted!
Dec 29 04:54:47 PM  Don't know how to build task 'assets:precompile' (See the list of available tasks with `rails --tasks`)
Dec 29 04:54:47 PM  
Dec 29 04:54:47 PM  (See full trace by running task with --trace)
Dec 29 04:54:47 PM  ==> Build failed 😞

I used the documentation here to create my build script thought I switched out rake to rails (Which I am told shouldn’t make a difference)

I followed all the steps in the guide exactly, so I am not sure what is wrong with mine. Also, I don’t think I can run --trace as I am on free. Any assistance, thoughts or suggestions that you can advise would be great!

If you need anything else let me know

Hi there,

Michael’s suggestion above would be a good place to start. Were you able to get this issue resolved?


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