previewPlan not supported in blueprint config for Managed Redis?

Hi folks, we recently tried transitioning to managed Redis on Render.

We are using preview environments alongside blueprints to programmatically configure our staging v. prod setup.

We noticed that managed Redis seemingly does not support the previewPlan config option for us to dynamically set the instance type for managed Redis in Render preview environments vs. in Production.

Now we are in the very expensive situation of our preview environments temporarily spinning up costly production Redis instances rather than cheap starter instances.

Any chance we could get a sense of if/when support for previewPlan blueprint config will be rolled out for managed Redis?

Have also filed a Canny issue around this:


Hi Ethan,

Currently, we don’t have support for overriding the plan size for managed Redis instances, but we do plan to offer support for that in the future. I don’t have a specific timeframe but I have linked your request to that ticket to help us prioritize.


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