How do blueprints and UI managed services interact?

I have a bunch of production services set up for running my web app (worker, database, redis etc), all of which have been created and configured via the Web UI.

Now I would like to start using preview environments. I am looking at adding a render.yaml file to my project, so that I can create a bunch of connected services that will spin up/spin down when PRs are created/merged.

My question is about the relationship between my active services (database, redis etc) that are running in production, and the render.yaml blueprint file. From the docs it seems like the render.yaml file will be ignored unless I specifically create a “New Blueprint Instance” from the dashboard. Is that the case?

If so, then it seems like so long as I keep managing my production services via the Web UI, I can safely write whatever I want in the render.yaml file, and it will be ignored by all my production instances. The file will only be used by preview environments. Is that correct?


It’s correct that a Blueprint/render.yml will only be referenced if it’s explicitly added as a blueprint. However, a Blueprint will need to manage the set of non-preview services defined in the render.yaml before it can make a Preview Environment of them.

If you name the services in your render.yaml the same as the services you’ve already created, you’ll be asked if you want to associate those existing services to the Blueprint when adding it. Alternatively, you can choose to create new services, but these would be non-preview services.

Also, please be aware that Preview Environments are only available to Team accounts and above.


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