Need guidance for preview environments

Hi there,

We already have running apps on render : a staging app (starter plan) and a production one (pro plan).
Both are deploying master branch (production only after a manual promotion)

We now would like to deploy our pull request branches as well using preview environments , with starter plan apps, but I’m getting confused with render.yml file: I can see that I can put different settings between preview and normal app (plan and starterPlan) but if I do so both my staging and production apps would share the same plan setting which is not what I want.

I hope I’m clear enough, let me know!

Good question @cblavier! Currently we don’t have great support for using Blueprints (that is resources defined in a render.yaml file) to create both preview environments and a dedicated staging environment. We definitely see the merit of a setup like this and plan to improve on the status quo. In the meantime, there are some potential workarounds:

  • Create a staging branch in your repo and keep a pull request (and therefore a preview environment) open for this branch at all times. You would open PRs against staging and then merge staging into master as the promotion step.
  • Define the production environment manually and then the staging + preview environments with a Blueprint. The downside of this approach is that you’d have to manually update your production resources to keep them in sync with the render.yaml file.
  • Depending on how many resources are in each environment you might be able to get away with using PR previews (Pull Request Previews | Render) rather than preview environments (Preview Environments | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers).

Let us know if you have additional questions on any of this!

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