Preview environment not created for pull requests that don't target main

It looks like a Preview Environment is not being created for GitHub pull requests that are based on a branch other than main. Is that expected? Is there some way to force the Preview Environment to still be created?

Hi @jason_felt, just to confirm, are you making a pull request from a separate branch to main i.e. some feature branch -> main or are you making a pull request from one branch to another i.e. some feature brancg -> some other feature branch. Preview environments will only work in the first case.

Yes that second case feature branch -> other feature branch. Is there no way to have preview environments for such PR’s? It would be very helpful for our workflow.

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Yes, we also would like to have preview envs created for PRs not targeting the repo default branch.

@jason_felt and @stefan.luptak, we have an open feature request for this here Support PR Previews from different repos | Feature Requests | Render that you can upvote to receive updates. Unfortunately, for now, there is no way to get preview environments on branches other than main or master.

But isn’t that a different issue? I’m talking about branches that are on the same git repository, not a different repo.

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In the detail view of that request it mentions other branches, but I can add a comment to make that more explicit.

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Okay that makes sense. Thanks!