[Postgres] Disable foreign key checks [New]


Similar to this issue, I have to disable foreign key checks on our Postgres database. However I don’t have permissions for

SET session_replication_role = 'replica'

How can I obtain the necessary permissions for my database?

Disabling the constraints per table is not an option as there’re too many tables and constraints

Hi Ole,

We do not grant elevated permissions for our managed Postgres databases.

Dropping and re-creating the constraint for each table will be the best approach. You can always write a script to automate this if you have a lot of tables.

Here’s some detailed instructions on how to go about dropping and re-creating constraints.

1. Identify the Constraint:
Find the name of the constraint you want to disable. You can do this by querying the pg_constraint system catalog table or by checking the table definition.

SELECT conname FROM pg_constraint WHERE conrelid = 'your_table'::regclass;
  1. Drop the Constraint:
    Drop the constraint using the ALTER TABLE statement. Make sure to replace 'your_constraint_name' with the actual name of the constraint.

    ALTER TABLE your_table DROP CONSTRAINT your_constraint_name;

  2. Perform the Necessary Changes:
    Now that the constraint is dropped, you can perform the changes you need on the table.

  3. Recreate the Constraint:
    Once you’ve made the changes, you can recreate the constraint using the ALTER TABLE statement.

Replace 'your_table', 'your_constraint_name', and 'your_condition' with your actual table name, constraint name, and constraint condition.

Keep in mind that dropping and recreating constraints can have implications on data integrity. Ensure that the changes you make do not violate the intended constraints on your data.



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