Can we set Postgres Server Configuration properties?

Postgres allows you to set properties like deadlock_timeout which are very useful to avoid long queries crashing the DB.

More Postgres docs here:

Is this something I can do in Render?

We have been experiencing some weird DB behavior lately right now there is no way to fix or debug with Render :cry:

Hi @victor-luma,

We don’t expose superuser permissions on the databases, so it’s not something you can set directly. I can manually change the deadlock_timeout, though. Can you let me know what value you’d like, and the ID of your database? It’s the “dpg-*” portion of the URL when you go to your database in our dashboard.

Ah got it.

We need to make a lot of changes and inspect the DB logs. This is important to us, so unfortunately this means that we’ll have to move the database off of Render soon 😢.

Totally understandable. We’re actively working on a project right now to provide a more flexible database product (with read replicas, more control over superuser settings, etc.), but for now if you need more control, using a different database solution is the right call.

If you want to keep everything hosted on Render, you could spin up your database as a private service with a persistent disk, but that would mean you’re more responsible for the database maintenance than you would be with a third-party hosted solution.