Open telemetry collector

Hello community, did someone managed to run an otel collector on ?
I have a collector running as a free web service on render but requests to the service causes timeouts.
From the render logs, the service is healthy and exposed by the port 4318.

The collector is using a receiver otpl with http protocol


I’ve took a look on other topics, but there’s no direct answered on them. I assume this is an usuable use case for render users. I could create a documentation on it as soon as I have it running.

I’m not familiar with open telemetry but let me share some details:

  • We only permit external connections to webservices via port 443, in your screenshot we’ve picked 4318 so they would be available as port 443 via the external address
  • Services using free instance types can’t use the internal network

Maybe that’s enough to help you understand here?


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

That helped a lot John, I probably missed that a public service will be exposed always on the port 443, also the log message mentioning the auto detection of 4318 confused me.
I think that was the only problem, but I’m finishing my tests, thank you.

We can close this topic. As mentioned before the port that I was trying to use to reach out the otel collector was the problem. As mentioned by John my application should send metrics to the port 443.

In case someone use this topic as a documentation; a better approach would be having the service deployed as a private one on Render, or at least enable the otel collector to work with an authorization layer, there are different extensions in that direction:

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