One-shot services?


I have a use case in mind where I would like to programmatically start a script, but not keep it around as a long-running process, rather have it quit once its done. I have a hunch that this could be achieved with cron job type services, but I can’t test that right now unfortunately because of Can't create cron job service

One-off job is in our plan, but we don’t have a confirmed schedule to tell you when will the feature be available.
I encourage you to upvote this feature. It should combine with our Render API or CLI so you will be able to programmatically create a one-off job.

For now, you can create a CronJob and set the schedule to execute it only once, or manually trigger it. You can also use Render YAML to update the CronJob schedule by push git commit.

Thank you very much @Hao-Ji_Wu for your suggestions and the workaround. I will try the manually triggered cronjob approach. FWIW I added a description of what I would like to do here: Release phase script | Feature Requests | Render