Newbie question on setting up cron jobs


I have gone through the Render’s docs on cron jobs. Is my understanding (documented below) correct on setting up a cron job?

  • Main app is a serveless app.
  • To setup a cron job, I have to create a separate service using the ‘New > Cron job’ button.
  • The new cron job will connect to a new git repo.
  • This cron job will connect to the ‘main app’ db using the ‘Group Environment’ variables I would have already setup on the ‘main app’.
  • The 2 repos (main app & cron job) are independent of each other so I can use any tools independent of the main app.

Thank you.


A Render Cron Job will run a command to a schedule you set.

All Render services are independent and are connected to a git repo. If multiple services need to connect to a single database, you can use an Environment Group to share a common configuration or set Environment Variables directly on the service.


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