Create Jobs to run periodically


I can create job. However, I don’t find any options to run jobs periodically, for example every 3 hours.

How could I do that?

Thanks a lot

Hey there,

Jobs are intended to be one offs - triggered by an API call, you want to be using a Cron job service with a setting of 0 */3 * * * to be every 3 hrs,


John B

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I checked the Cronjobs. There is one thing I don’t understand: why we need to choose a repository for a cronjob and having a Build Command for it? The cronjobs I need is to call a specific API from other web service. Is there a simpler way to do it?

Typing folks are deploying code which they then execute periodically, in Rails it would be rake task or such like.

Every service deployed to Render has to have a backing repo, this could be a bare minimal repo such as, you’d create a new CronJob pointing at that repo and have the build command set to true and then you can have it execute whatever command you want (assuming it’s available in our native images)

John B

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