Noticing a lot of build failures around Github/HTTP problems

Is there a Github issue or possibly something wrong with my config? I’m especially seeing

Could not resolve host:
Oct 14 02:24:37 AM  npm ERR! GET
Oct 14 02:24:37 AM  npm ERR! Deleting invalid download cache
Oct 14 02:24:37 AM  npm ERR! Downloading rustywind failed: Error: Request failed: 403


Sorry you’re running into this issue. We have an open incident for this issue. See for more information.

Does manually triggering a rebuild also consistently fail? If so, could you send me the service id that’s failing (feel free to email if you don’t want to post publically)?

Best Regards,


So far everything has eventually succeeded but not always on the first retry. I didn’t see the incident before, so as long as you’re aware that’s all I was looking to do. Thanks.

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