Can't get custom domain with subdomain to work

Hi there,

I’m trying to get my custom domain to work with Render. I get a “400 Bad Request” response from the domain.

  • I’m using usetheta {dot} com with Vercel, and api.usetheta {dot} com with Render.
  • Domain is hosted with Gandi
  • I’ve set up a CNAME record in Gandi for api pointing to
  • My Render settings section in my dashboard for the project shows the domain as properly configured

Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong?


PS: The forum is giving me an error whenI try to include urls “New Users can only use 2 links”. :confused:


It does seem like the subdomain is properly configured + verified. From running a curl request to, I can see that the request is at least making it to your server.

This leads me to believe there might be a routing issue within your app itself. Have you tried adding your custom domain / subdomain to the ALLOWED_HOSTS section in your setting file?

Ok got this working. Thanks for your help on this! (and sorry for the delayed reply)

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