No Notification for health check in case service is unhealthy

Hi, I have implemented a simple web service and deployed it in Render to test the health check function for the “web service” service. I have a function that returns a response code 500 if the time (minutes) is in a certain time interval, otherwise I return a response code 200. During the specific time my service is not available and it seems that the service is trying to be restarted. Nevertheless, I do not receive an email. Here is my code for the health check endpoint:

Translated with (free version)
// Task Scheduler Bean
public ThreadPoolTaskScheduler taskScheduler() {
return new ThreadPoolTaskScheduler();

// New Test Controller
static class TestController {

	public void testEndpoint(HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException {
		LocalTime now =;
		if (now.getMinute() % 10 == 0 || now.getMinute() % 10 < 4){
			response.sendError(HttpServletResponse.SC_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR, "Simulated Error");
		} else {


If the service is using a Free instance type, the service may be unavailable at times if it has spun down on idle. To look into this more deeply, we would need a service ID. If you’re uncomfortable sharing that publicly, we would recommend opening a ticket directly with us by using the “contact support” button at the bottom of your dashboard.