Server unhealthy error


I’ve been having this issue, however, whenever I check the logs, I don’t see any issue. I sent a message to their support team but this is the only thing I received from the support team:

" Hi,

Thanks for reaching out.

The events show messages like:

Server unhealthy
Exited with status 1 while running your code. Check your service logs for more information.

The issue is with your code erroring and exiting. The message also suggests checking your service logs to see which error is being raised for you to debug/resolve it.

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I then went to the Logs section and there’s no error log displayed.

Please help as I’m not too sure what’s causing this issue. I’m on a standard tier, I’m not entirely sure if that has anything to do with it as I’m getting more than a hundred traffic in my web service.

Hi there,

We should make some UX improvements here. The link in the health check failure event takes you to the live tail of your logs. Unless the event is very recent, you likely won’t see the error that caused the failure.

Use the timestamp of the event and use this as a custom time range filter on your logs. I usually right-click the link and open it as a new tab, so I can still see the events. Doing this should give you the logs that caused your service to exit.


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