How does Health Check work

I did not find this explained anywere, please let me know if my assumption is right: if I set a path for the Health Check, and at some point the application does not respond to it anymore, are the instances restarted?

Also, is there any way we can control how often is the health check called? I saw it’s called every few seconds so maybe I want to set it to be called less often.

Thank you!

Found the answer myself, here’s the detailed explanation about Health Checks:

The part I was searching for is this (paragraph from the link above):

We also restart your apps automatically if they become unresponsive or start returning errors. We do this by utilizing user-defined health checks , described below.

After your app is live, we continue to monitor its health by running a health check every few seconds. If your app starts failing the health check, we restart it automatically. As with most software, this tends to fix to the issue, but if it doesn’t we mark the deploy failed and send you a notification so you can fix things.

Great stuff!

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Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

it’s all pretty clear, thank you!

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