New Environment Variables Not Being Created


I’m experimenting with Render’s free tier to see if I can move some services over to the paid tier. I’ve noticed that once I create a web service, if I later create a new environment variable in render.yaml with sync: false, it doesn’t automatically get picked up or prompt me to enter it the next time the sync happens.

Even when I click manually sync, the environment variable doesn’t come over. I could of course add the environment variable manually in the dashboard, but want to make sure I’m not missing something.

Hey there, yeah, this is a failing of sync:false - you’d only ever see a prompt for it when you first create a new blueprint instance, you’re never prompted again for it. Right now, entering it manually via the dashboard is your best option. We’re working on a whole load of blueprint improvements to address some of it’s short comings.

John B

Great! Makes sense. I think the Docs could be clearer on this, but if you’re overhauling the Blueprint system anyway, I’m sure this is something you’ll address. Thanks for the response.

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