Environment Groups in YAML with sync false does not ask for variables on deployment

When creating a render.yaml file with a envVarGroups option with multiple keys that all have sync: false. There is no option during the build process where these can be added before all the services are built etc. Image below shows the Environment Group setup I currently have where none of these are prompted for when adding this YAML to the render interface. Not sure why this is the case considering the example YAML shows that you can use the sync: false functionality.

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 5.39.30 pm

If this is an automated build or sync, you won’t have an opportunity to fill those values. But, if you’re creating a new set of services via “New from YAML”


you should be prompted to enter in values for those environment variables.

That is the issue unfortunately. There was no prompt at all when importing the YAML file to add those variable values and so the build fails. I will try again today but I never got any text fields when the YAML file was added despite having sync false on all variables in the group

Ah, you’re right. It doesn’t work for environment groups. Let’s see if we can get that supported.

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