Environmental Variables not appearing from render.yaml

I deployed a web service built on Node and then updated it to have a render.yaml file to automatically create some environmental variables. The project has to be deployed and then the environmental variables have to be updated (how it has to be with this project). So, I deployed some variables with placeholders like this:

  - type: web
    name: sample
    env: node
    branch: main
    buildCommand: npm install
    startCommand: node app.js    
      - key: ID
        value: <enter-value-here>

However, the environmental variables are not appearing in the environmental settings after the successful redeploy:

Is there an issue with the format of my .yaml file? Thanks for the help!

Hi Alex,

In addition to adding a render.yaml file, you’ll need to create a new Blueprint instance at https://dashboard.render.com/blueprints in order for your service to start being managed by the Blueprint.

I’m not sure if this will meet the needs of your use case, but I did want to make sure you were aware of the placeholder variables feature of Blueprints https://render.com/docs/blueprint-spec#placeholder-environment-variables.

Let me know if that helps, or if you’re still running into any issues with this.



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