NestJs won't deploy

I’m trying out render for the first time, but I’m unable to deploy my nestjs application. The build seems to succeed then nothing happens and I guess it must timeout after a while.

Any help would be much appreciated as this is very frustrating.


That’s what a successful deploy looks like. Switch to the Logs tab to see the current logging.

I created this feature request for a final “Deploy successful” message: A final log "Deploy successful" | Feature Requests | Render

That isn’t a successful deploy for me… the logs remain empty and the deploy is unsuccessful

[UPDATE] so after deleting the service and setting it to Ohio instead of Frankfurt it seems to now work… although this is not ideal as I want to run the service in the EU

@clem109 If you can recreate the service in Frankfurt we can certainly take a look at why it’s not deploying/starting correctly.

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