NestJS build successfully but deploys fails


I’ve been trying to deploy a nestjs application and on the logs looks like everything is OK (it returns a successful) and the render deploy’s result is “Failed”.

here some captures:

As extra information, I already deployed a hello word nestjs application successfully using the port “10000” and “” on setup on the IP.

But when I try the same on my second project (with much more files) it fails.

Here my main file configuration:

any idea or any way to retrieve more logs to debug this?


and my render config:

PD: Sorry for the double post, but the site limits the numbers of links that you can use on a single post

I fixed this.

Looks like the trouble was that I have on the ENV_VAR a different port than what I specified on the code and for that reason, the deploy was not found.

I just removed the PORT env var from the render configuration and it works as expected.


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