Deploy Logs Not Showing Failure (NodeJS)


I just signed up for render, yesterday, to try it out and deploy my NestJS webservice. I ran into some weird issue that was resolved by re-running the build, after clearing the cache. However, I wanted to write this to follow up to ensure I understand why this happened and what to expect moving forward.

Here is a screenshot of the logs:

Notice, the failed status, but no more output from the logs.

The build setup is a straightforward node/nestjs setup where I run the nest build command and then the start:prod command, which runs node dist/main internally.

As mentioned at the start, re-running and clearing the cache seemed to have fix the issue.

I also did some digging around the community and noticed this link: Deploy failed (but no logs). This is what triggered me to restart the build.

But again, just want to make sure I understand what’s going on.

Let me know if there’s any additional info, like build ID or something of that nature that I can share to help debug.

Thanks ahead of time!


Hi Bryan,

Thanks for reaching out.

Are you still seeing this behavior?


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