NestJS Node backend fails to deploy with no visible error

I’m not getting feedback as to why my deploy is failing. Service id: srv-ch42oh33cv21aodekj4g.

Seems to start, connect to DB and configure endpoints, but marked as failed, returning 502.
Event log:
May 1 12:10:16 PM found 0 vulnerabilities
May 1 12:10:16 PM
May 1 12:10:17 PM ==> Generating container image from build. This may take a few minutes…
May 1 12:11:46 PM ==> Uploading build…
May 1 12:12:14 PM ==> Build uploaded in 22s
May 1 12:12:14 PM ==> Build successful :tada:
May 1 12:12:14 PM ==> Deploying…
May 1 12:13:34 PM ==> Starting service with ‘npx @nestjs/cli start’
May 1 12:16:27 PM npx: installed 254 in 172.762s

App logs end:
Listening on: http://[::1]:5432

Would appreciate any insight into what’s missing. Thanks.


Hi Russ,

Can you confirm you’re running your service on and not localhost or I don’t see that explicitly in your start command, so I’m unsure what you are defaulting to.



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