My render app is saying it uses 30GB of ram

$ free -m
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 63164 32771 1339 268 29052 29475
Swap: 0 0 0

why in the world is it using 32gb of ram for a simple flask app and why my instance has 63gb of ram ???

29GB of that 32GB is cached memory, cached memory is automatically created (and entirely maintained) by the Linux Kernel in order to accelerate an application’s execution.

yes I know but the system has 62GB of ram and 30 Gb are already used bythe machine and the other 30 are cached .
but my question is , why my instance has 62 gb of ram ??
I only need like 2-3 and I tested my flask app outside of render and the app itself uses about 900MB of ram not 30GB

  • 64GB of memory is the amount on the host, not the container running your app.

  • Production deployments employ class/model/other element caching, development environments do not cache (or shouldn’t) because it always runs the latest version on disk.

How can I see the amount of mem my instance is really using ?

Instance metrics are a paid Service feature. All service types show bandwidth because even Free services can incur bandwidth fees, but only Starter tier compute Services and above have Memory and CPU metric graphs.

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