Cannot downgrade node version

Hi Everyone, I have been having issues downgrading my application build to utilize Node v16. I have followed the steps in the following documentation (setting Environment Variables in the Render UI, creating the nvmrc and node_version files in the root, adding the Engines JSON for the package.json in the root and react_app). I can see that as my application fails to build on render it is building with Node v20. I wanted to downgrade since it seems some of my dependencies can no longer work with Node v20. My last push to Github is up and has all of the necessary changes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Screenshot shows the node version during build

Hi there,

If you are using NodeJS in the Python service, can you please try pushing a new deployment to see if this is working now?


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

Hi Keith, thanks so much! Whatever change occurred resolved the issue :raised_hands: