Moving service between teams

I have a number of services that are currently broken out amongst different teams, but with this new pricing scheme I need to move these to one team.

Is there a way that I am not seeing?

Hi Matt,
We don’t have this functionality yet - if you have a team of 1 member then you won’t be charged until July and by then we will have the functionality to move services between teams/accounts,


John B

Can we rely on this?

Because the unbilled-charges section already includes the new fee of $19.00.
I do have one user overall so far. This change would more than triple my costs without any benefit!

I did not expect the account owner to be charged for every single team over and over again. That’s kinda ridicolous…


I’m seeing it too on one of my accounts where I had upgraded my services.

Well, that’s just great. I cannot begin to tell you how gross this is.

I’m moving everything off of you guys in the coming days.

You can - we need to make it more obvious in the UI that a team with a single team member will not incur the $19 charge until July 2023.

Allright, thank you! :smiling_face:

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