Moving services to a team

I’ve created a new team and need to move some services over to it. I’ve seen the option to move all, but that won’t work because I’ve got personal projects there that don’t need to be moved.

Usually I’d just re-provision, but I’ve got services with 100+ custom domains, so it will be a huge pain.

Is there any way support can help me to move over a few of my services so I can use them in a team?

Hi Tim,

I’m afraid even Support doesn’t have tooling for this today.

If it would be easier to re-provision your personal projects, you could always transfer all your services to the new team, then re-provision and delete your personal projects in your Individual account.

This is a very popular feature request, it would be great if you could give this feedback item a quick upvote



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Alright, thanks for the heads up. Hopefully it gets added because it would be a huge time saver!

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