Migration of Database from One Render Account to Another


I have 3 Databases hosted in my render account. And 3 Node Servers and several others. All are paid services.

Now I am having a requirement to move out those 3 Postgress Database & 3 Node servers to Another render account because of Client requirement.

  1. Which is the best way / easisest way to copy DBs from one render account to another…?
  2. I know moving the Nodejs server will be easy. But is there an internal way that you can just change the render account of that server…?

Thanks in Advance


So, unfortunately, at the moment, we lack a straightforward method for transferring services or databases between accounts. You will need to recreate the services in the new account. As you mentioned, this process is relatively simple for non-database services or services without attached disks; you just replicate the configuration and select the same repository.

For databases, you will need to create a new database in the second account and then use pg_dump and pg_restore to migrate the data from the old database to the new one before deleting the old database.


Render Support, UTC+3

Thanks Jeremy

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