Multiple Postgres DB in single instance

I’ve been using Render for both personal and client hosting for a while and, to date, have spun up a new Postgres instance for each Django app. This is working perfectly (as you’d expect) but can prove costly, particularly for clients with small sites with low traffic. I’m thinking of changing my structure to host multiple (3 or 4) small clients on one instance but have a couple of questions:

  1. Has anyone successfully achieved this, were there any performance issues?
  2. I understand a Render db backup .sql includes all db information from the instance, is it possible to strip individual db out of the file so that I can easily take a backup and move a db from a shared instance to a dedicate instance if the site grows and needs more capacity?
  3. Are there any security concerns running multiple dbs for different clients on one Postgres instance?

Grateful for any advice.

To close the loop here, we’ve chatted with Kevin directly, but to summarise some points

Our backups are full backups of the DB - using pg_dump directly would let you backup individual databases off the instance

We also highlighted the case to be mindful of connection counts - PG connections are limited so if you use too many services you risk running out of connections.

John B
Render Support, UTC :uk:

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