Migration from Existing Services to Blueprints

Hi there,

First of all, thanks for Render. It’s a good service and has been a lot more stable in the last years.

I’ve been looking for a way to migrate from existing services in the Settings / Dashboard to a Blueprint (Infrastructure as Code). I can’t find any information on this in the docs or in this community.

An automated way to “upgrade” or “export” a service would be great, but even just a migration guide to know every step of how to do it manually would be great.



Hi Karl,

Thanks for reaching out.

There isn’t currently an export feature to create a Blueprint/render.yaml from existing services. However, a feature like that is planned.

Currently, you can still create a render.yaml yourself to associate to existing services.

Matching the names/types of the services will be detected when the Blueprint first syncs and will show some information like:
Hope that helps


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