MERN stack Developers. How do we fix this...?

==> Build successful :tada:

Mar 25 08:07:55 AM==> Deploying…

Mar 25 08:08:30 AM==> Using Node version 20.11.1 (default)

Mar 25 08:08:30 AM==> Docs on specifying a Node version: Setting Your Node.js Version | Render Docs

Mar 25 08:08:42 AM==> Running ‘node index.js’

Mar 25 08:08:46 AMServer listening on port 3001;

Mar 25 08:08:49 AMMongoDB connected successfully

Mar 25 08:11:40 AM==> No open HTTP ports detected

Mar 25 08:11:40 AM==> Web Services | Render Docs

There are a couple things here:

  • Is the server listening on
  • Automatic port detection may fail. Have you tried explicitly listening on port 10000?

Ideally, your application should listen on


As Danny suggested above, maybe try using the default PORT. If you’ve set your own PORT env var, try removing it so that your app uses the default (set to 10000)