Nodejs deploy memory spikes cause crash

I have a couple of NodeJS apps hosted. When I am doing a deploy I am noticing a massive spike in memory and CPU usage. The app sits stable at 400M when running but when the deploy happens it wil spike up to 1000M. This then causes the deploy to fail because using the Starter plan you only get 512M available. I have run a memory profile on my apps and cant see anything out of the ordinary and so it seems to be a render thing. Any idea what this is? I dont want to pay for an upgraded plan just for the 30 seconds it takes to do a deploy.

Below is screenshot of the metrics where I have done deploys.

The deployment steps are:

  • npm install
  • rimraf dist (removes dist/)
  • npm build (re-creates dist/)
  • node dist/main

Hi @charsville, I’ll be happy to investigate this for you. Can you provide the name of the service? Feel free to follow up here on in a DM.