Map disk to docker

I need keycloak for my apps and configured a dockerfile file for that. The minimal system requirements for keycloak are 512MB RAM and 1Gig disk space.

So i added a disk to my render web service and need to mount it in the dockerfile now.

How can i do that? I didnt find a possibility to add a volume like docker run -v /opt/mydisk:/opt/jboss/keycloak

Can you help me out with that?

Hi there - You can’t add the disk to your Dockerfile, the disk is attached as the service is deployed. It will be attached at the mount point when the service is running.

John B

and how can i persist data from dockerfile then?

that would be in the resultant image itself. Disks are intended to provide persistent storage to services as services are ephemeral by default so any files written to the container at runtime would be lost on a restart.

John B

So how can i provide the required disk space for keycloak in the docker container so that keycloak is able to persist data?
Also, i need to pass certificate files to of the custom domain where the web service runs to keycloak in the container… how can i do that?

You’d have to work around that a disk is only attached at service deploy time so you can copy to it with your start command or upload anything required via

John B

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