Managed Postgres and pgloader

Does anyone here use pgloader (pgloader - About) with a managed Postgres instance? Is there any reason, e.g. insufficient default permissions, that it wouldn’t work? I’m following the examples in the docs and the command just exits without doing anything.

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance you can offer!

Hi @levity, welcome to the Render community! It doesn’t look like we have pgloader installed on our native environments, which is probably why you’re not seeing anything happening when trying to run the command. However, you may be able to get it working by using a Docker service - it looks like there’s a Docker image available for pgloader: GitHub - dimitri/pgloader: Migrate to PostgreSQL in a single command!

Hi Jade, thanks for responding. To be clear, I have a managed Postgres instance, but the environment that I installed and ran the pgloader command from is my own virtual server. So it’s not that the command isn’t present–it just doesn’t do anything when I run it.