Log stream not working

Hey! I’ve set up a log stream to logtail/better stack using the instructions in the docs but for some reason no events are hitting logtail. I tried to send a curl using the same token and it works fine so thinking it’s something on render side? I’m currently on a hobby project but if I understand the docs correctly it should still work


It looks like you’ve been discussing this issue with my colleague in a ticket you also opened.

Once you get to a solution, if you want to share your findings with the community, that would be appreciated.


Hey! It seems like there was some issues with betterstacks ingest. Could also have been render related but never got any feedback back reg that, but there were some updates to the log stream in the changelog that week, see below. It seems to be working fine now though!

Improved reliability for logs
We finished rolling out an architecture change that removed a big moving part in how we stream logs to customer endpoints. This should lead to even more reliable logging going forward, especially as we continue to scale usage.

I had the same issue. Turns out the documentation at the betterstack dashboard used to be incorrect. They fixed it somewhere in the past month though.

This is what you should be using: in.logtail.com:6514 + token.

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