Laravel - Postgres transaction delay?


Currently I am experiencing some kind of transaction delay on managed Postgres database.

On my Laravel app deploy steps I instruct it to drop and recreate all database tables, then seed (for testing purposes) .


It works fine locally, but when deploy is triggered I am getting some random migration errors. Every time it points a random failure in migration steps in a random table.


Is there any kind of delay on Postgres managed database?

Just tried “Clear build cache & Deploy” , but it does not help.

Here is my nth-retry , it passes. But it is purely random, like some previous failed deploy are running in background in concurrency with new deploy try.


Here is in the sequence another deploy try, and it fails.

Another deploy, and a random table fails.

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Thanks for reaching out.

It appears you have a couple of services connected to the same repo, do they share a database? If so, with auto-deploys are enabled, each service would be trying to drop all tables and recreate them at around the same time, which would likely cause issues.

In addition, are you sure you want to drop/recreate all tables on every deploy? Jobs may be an alternative solution to run the drop/migrate tasks outside of deploy.

If you could share some more details it may help us troubleshoot further with you, e.g. service/database IDs, reproduction steps, etc. If you don’t want to share these details on the community forum, please feel free to raise a ticket with

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