Laravel 9 and pgsql connection problem

I am using Laravel 9 and pgsql 14.
They play nice when I provide “External Connection String” instead of “Internal Connection String”.
I have no problem with it. But they Laravel and pgsql should see each other through “Internal Connection String”? Right?
I am using a free plan so no ssh access and can not access laravel tinker from the shell.

Hi Debjit,

Thanks for reaching out.

This issue can arise if your Web Service & database are in different regions. Internal connection strings will only work currently when both are provisioned in the same region.

Hope that helps


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Oh! Thats the problem. Ok thank you for clarify. I just deleted and it works again. thanks.

Perfect, glad to hear you resolved the issue.

Thanks for using Render!


Ok so small confusion using render. Why does deployment after some time fail? But the app does work???
In-app dashboard app is showing deploy failed but the app is working fine???

When a deploy fails, it won’t be pushed live and it will continue to use the last successful deploy.