Issue Deploying Ruby Application

I have been trying to deploy my first web app but am getting stuck with what I think is the environment settings. WeBrick / RackUp is starting on 9292 by default but the environment on Render is 5432 (uneditable). Is this the issue and if so how do I change from 9292?

Currently when it tries to deploy it just gets stuck on the below

A link to my repo can be found here: GitHub - JoeOsborne77/chitter-challenge: Build a Twitter Clone!

Hi Joe,

Thanks for reaching out.

A Start Command of rackup -p $PORT would likely resolve this issue (which would use our default PORT env var set to 10000)

Alternatively, if you leave the Start Command as is and override our PORT by setting your own environment variable to 9292. That should also resolve it.

Kind regards


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