Everything is showing 502

All of the applications in my account have stopped working with 502 errors. Render status page shows all green. Anyone else seeing this?

Same issue here. No logs are working, all my web services are down. Re-deploying hangs and does nothing.

Same. S*** is broken. Everything “green” but my database shows “creating”, which means it’s not live.

There’s a vague message on the status page.

I’m back online now. Thanks for the fast response Render!

Edit: Logs are still down and/or slow. Was able to get my logs to load but last update was 8 minutes ago.

I’m back too.


I’m very sorry you experienced this downtime.

We did have an incident that has now been resolved. We will post any additional information, including an RCA, as it’s made available on our status page at https://status.render.com/incidents/kk06spfq8xxy.

Again, we do apologize for any inconvenience this caused.



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