Internal Server Error creating service

Just created an account with a Rust web service to check out Render, but deployment fails with an Internal Server Error, as shown in the image below:


I guess there is not much the community can do about it, but there seems to be no better place for bug reports than this forum. In case anyone from Render is available to take a look, the name of the service is “Rocket Experiment”.

Hi @aochagavia ,

I took a look at the logs for your server, and see that it was trying to clone the main branch, but there were no commits on the branch so Render could not finish grabbing your repository.

I’ve filed an issue internally to give more helpful messaging on this, but in the mean time, if you’d like to try again it should work to select a different branch. Please do let me know if you need any more assistance.

I’m having the exact same issue trying to deploy a node web service. I get the Internal Server Error, but no other detail. Can you help me?

Hi @krpetrich ,

I took a look at your service, and see that we weren’t appropriately showing a configuration issue with your service. It looks like one of your environment variables accidentally has its value as its name, so it doesn’t fit the requirements of an env var name (“must consist of alphabetic characters, digits, ‘_’, ‘-’, or ‘.’, and must not start with a digit”).

I’ve filed an issue internally for us catch this invalid environment variable names in the future so you don’t experience this, but in the mean time, if you update the name of your environment variable it should allow you to deploy. Please let me know if you have any other questions or run into any other stumbling blocks :slight_smile: