Install additional packages

I’m currently using the ruby environment to run a set or rails services.

I’d like to add an additional library, but it looks like there is no way to install anything via apt-getinto the image. I thought that there is maybe some hook or script that could be invoked to add stuff to the image, but couldn’t find anything.

So it looks like I would need to change the env to docker and add it there. Is there a base-image that could be used to get the same setup, but just add another librarby?

Hi @Peter_Schroder,

There’s currently no way to install system-wide packages unless you use the Docker environment, and we don’t provide a base image.

Depending on the package you want, it may be possible to do a local (not system-wide) installation and include that in your build, but you would have to reference that explicitly in your service. I don’t personally have experience with this, and it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Out of curiosity, if you’re comfortable sharing, what is the package that you’d like to install?

Ok, thanks.

I’m experimenting with a couple of image-manuplation libraries that require system-packages. So it’s not a package in particular.