Libmagic1 in default Ruby / Rails image


We are migrating from Heroku and I met an issue when trying to use the default Ruby env. It seems like the default image does not contain libmagic1 which is a default on Heroku run stacks:

I know I can use the Docker env type, but I met some other issues there, and I wanted to raise this issue in case other have this problem when trying to use env: ruby.

In general, I couldn’t find any info on which base image the env: ruby is build on. Would it make sense to make that available? (and if it is available, link to it from Getting Started with Ruby on Rails on Render | Render)?

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m seeing libmagic1 as installed through the shell on the Native Environment (running a personal Rails app):

$ dpkg -s libmagic1Package: libmagic1Status: install ok installed...

Please could you elaborate on your issue in as much detail as possible, so that I can try to reproduce it, e.g. any logs/errors/output, gem name/version, etc.



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