Ingress traffic pricing on Postgres instance?


I’m currently using a Postgres instance on the Starter tier.

What I want to do, is regularly parse some big data dumps (~10GB) and import these data to my Postgres instance. To keep costs low, I’m thinking to do the downloading+parsing of these data dumps from my local workstation, and then execute the insertion queries to my Render Postgres instance.

For reference, the resulting table currently is ~2M rows, containing 200-300MB of data (together with the indexes). So as far as disk storage is concerned, I’m doing fine I believe.

What I’m concerned about, money-wise, is if by doing this I’m going to incur any additional billing charges due to the high amount of network traffic that this scheme will incur.

Specifically, how is pricing on Postgres instances affected with regards to network traffic and CPU usage?

I want to get a better sense of how databases in Render are billed with regards to resource usage. I know about disk space cause that’s in the frontpage, but what about network traffic (incoming/outgoing) and CPU?

Hi there,
We only measure bandwidth to web services, traffic via our Postgres/Redis proxies are not included in that.


John B

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