Impossible cron job runs every 30 mins

I have a cron job scheduled to run at 1am on the 31st February each year so it should never run. But it seems to run every 30 minutes?

The reason for the impossible crontab is that I only want to trigger the job manually (it’s a container that runs db migrations)

Hey Oliver,

In order to prevent Cron Jobs that miss too many starts from never starting again, we manually create a run if we detect the job is stuck and essentially that schedule creates a perpetually stuck Cron Job. It looks like the best we could approximate what you’re trying for would be to create a Cron Job that runs annually, starting yesterday. Of course, this will run automatically next year but that might not be a problem?

Yeah seems good, obviously this is completely against what the cronjob is for.

Could I put in a feature request for jobs that are only triggered manually?

Of course! If you submit a request you’ll get notified of status changes on the feature.