Cron job not adhering to cron schedule

Cron job details:
Name: wealthyhood-web-nightly-cron-prod
ID: crn-catdfubvog4qrsejj5sg
Region: Frankfurt

The cron job has the following schedule defined:
*/30 20-21 * * *
every 30 minutes, between 08:00 PM UTC and 09:59 PM UTC

However, it doesn’t seem the runs are following this schedule:

The cron job is currently running for a very long time and timing out, but I would still expect the cron job runs to be triggered at the correct times.

If a cronjob run hasn’t finished by the time of the next scheduled run, the next scheduled run is delayed until the previous run is finished.
The delayed run will be started depending on when the previous run is finished, so it will not be in the cron schedule.

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