Impossible to create a cron job that runs at same time each day

So, since cron jobs are in UTC, it seems to be impossible to create a cron job that runs at the same time each day i.e. if I want my cron job to run daily at 8am PST, I’ll have to edit the UTC time twice a year when daylight savings time changes (on the weekend) to make that happen.

Any plans to add a timezone select to the cron job scheduler, so jobs can run without the schedule having to be changed twice a year? Or am I missing something that can be done already?

You could write a script that runs twice a year, shortly after the daylight savings change is done, and uses the Render API to update the cron job schedule. :smile:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out.

I couldn’t see any previous requests for Cron Job timezone support, so I’ve added it to the feedback site:

Please feel free to upvote/comments.

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