IAM - How to give engineer access to staging environment but not production


I am working with a contractor, and would like to give her access to the staging environment so she can push her PRs, test that they’re working properly, have ownership over the result, etc.

However, I have both the staging and production environment in the same company. How could I give her access to the staging environment without giving access to production? It looks like the only options I could find were to give her access to everything or nothing.

Currently she has access to both since we haven’t launched yet, but we’re going live soon and I want to limit access to production and the associated api keys before launching.


Hi Oliver,

Right now - you’re right that it’s all or nothing.

If you were to create a new team (side note: you will incur the additional team member costs) then you could use that as a security boundary if you were to create a staging service here as you could only give them access to that and not the production team,


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

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