[Hugo] Full Stop In Folder Name

Hi All.
I’ve got an issue where folders containing a full stop do not return their index.html by default when visited without the file name in my static Hugo-based site.
Problem: https://energydrinkcans.uk/caffeine/31.5mg
OK: /caffeine/31.5mg/index.html
Also OK: /caffeine/32mg
This works for me locally when hosting directly from Hugo.
Is there a server setting or environment variable that I can set to make this work as expected?

Hey Simon,

Render will automatically check for an index.html when the URL indicates that it is a directory. Otherwise, Render will assume you are trying to load a file at that location. Adding a / to the end of your path properly loads the content 31.5mg | Energy Drink Cans UK

Are you able to update your site to include the /?

You may also be able to create redirects in the Render dashboard depending on the paths you need to support. As an example, this will redirect from example.com/test to example.com/test/

That was the ticket.
I’ve updated the tag cloud to output a trailing slash.
Thank you :slight_smile: