Trailing slash 301 redirect

Hey guys, we have a static website that is working on render,
We’ve got a request from a SEO team to remove pages with trailing slashes from the website, as google considers them as duplicates, e.g. these two pages are duplicates

That will also work ok, if we’ll set up redirect from /blog/ to /blog and I tried to do it from the admin panel:

But it seems to not working for me, I’m still able to open page with trailing slash:

(sorry for the weird routes, but this forum doesn’t allow me to post more than 2 links in post, hope what I said above still make sense)

Can you tell me if am I doing something wrong?

For this redirect and rewrites, the rule only takes effect if there is no content found at that path. You can read up on this more here:

This has the unfortunate side effect of making it so you can’t configure trailing slashes as you’ve described through redirect rules. We have a feature request here that you can vote for if you’d like:

In the meantime, are you able to do this routing change through your app itself?

Unfortunately I cannot.
I mean I probably can do the redirect on a front-end but considering that google crawler are not always execute client javascript, this solution isn’t good enough.
I’m going to vote for the feature, but if it won’t be implemented in the nearest time I think my only option is to migrate to some other platform :frowning: