Html file cannot be found on server

I have a NodeJS server running and it throws an error: no such file or directory.

However, I know this file is in local dev and on GitHub. When I cd’d into my server I do not see the index.html file in the directory. Any idea why it’s missing from the deployed server?

The path to the file is something like this: /routes/embed/<userID>/index.html



If something is showing no such file or directory, it’s not often wrong.

Maybe the filename has a typo or incorrect casing? Or, the path has been traversed incorrectly? Or, the file was generated on-the-fly/at runtime and hasn’t been persisted? There are a few things that could lead to not found message, but there’s not a lot of detail to go on.

If you have a paid instance type, you could use the “Shell” tab to look at the files on the instance, to check if it’s there.


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